New Applications for Agrichemicals (not unit standards) 

1.  Complete Application Form
2.  Open book assessment of HSNO Act, work knowledge (20 questions)
3.  Assessment Declaration
Provide a declaration for evidence of usage of agrichemicals.
A work supervisor or manager, who oversees the applicant can sign off practical competencies.

A self employed farmer needs to be assessed by someone who knows they are competent in agrichemical usage, storage, handling and disposal. 

Classroom training – 6 hours
Fee $186.25 inc GST
Manual to keep – additional $25 

Minimum numbers per group 6 – 8
If Unit Standards are required then an additional $50 administration fee is charged. (US21554 & 21563) 

Agrichemicals Renewals

For a comprehensive guide to renewals and FAQs please go to:

1.   Complete CTNZ Application Form by clicking on this link: renewalform

2.   Supply evidence of old Approved Handler Certificate
       copy with application form
       Spray diaries, invoices to prove purchases
3.   Training courses – agrichemicals from Polytech – Unit Standards, Growsafe Certs, copy of training records,
4.   Applicant is assessed by Test Certifier:
a)  Applicant’s knowledge of HSNO regulations
b)  Any codes of practice relevant to their industry
c)  Applicant’s work practices relevant to handling of substance / classes for which renewal is sought 

Fee $100 inc GST

New Approved Handler Certificate issued through CTNZ Ltd.