Controlled Substance Licence for VTAs (issued by WORKSAFE – previously Environmental Protection Authority )  

For full details on the WORKSAFE website on Controlled Substance Licensing please go to:


Applicants must:

  1. Be 17 years of age or over
  2. Be adequately trained to handle the required VTA (have an approved handler certificate)
  3. Require the Controlled Substance Licence for their work
  4. Complete a fit and proper person assessment. 

Applicants will need to complete:

  1. WORKSAFE application form
  2. Approved Handler Assessment Paper
  3. Toxin Assessment Paper(s)
  4. Work Assessment / Verification

New Controlled Substance Licence: $575 plus GST – (5 years)
Covers Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080), Potassium & Sodium Cyanide and Pindone.
Additional Toxins – such as Yellow Phosphorous, DCR1339, MZP and PAPP = $50 per toxin
Please complete WORKSAFE application form – click on this link to bring up form – csl1

Renewal of Controlled Substance Licence: $475 plus GST (5 years)
Please complete the 
WORKSAFE application form CSL1 – click on this link to bring up the form: csl1 and

also complete this declaration form (click on link here): declaration and application for renewal ah cert vtas

Please note the same form (csl1) is used for both a new application and the renewal of an existing CSL


Geoffrey Paul Allinson
Test Certifier No. TST000045   

Payment in Advance prior to Processing: 

Please send all completed documentation with appropriate payment to:
Can Train NZ Ltd
PO Box 362, Timaru 7940.