Industry User Pay Courses


  • US 6916 Demonstrate knowledge of the Approved Code of Practice relating to chainsaw use
  • US 6917 Operate a chainsaw


  • US 19044 Describe the legal requirements and occupational hazards associated with tractor use
  • US 24552 Check and drive basic wheel tractor with an attached implement on flat terrain


  • US24554 Ride an ATV on flat terrain
  • US24557 Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of an ATV
  • US24559 Ride an ATV on undulating terrain
  • US24561 Ride an ATV with trailed equipment
  • US24563 Ride an ATV with mounted equipment or load


  • US19053 Ride a motorbike on flat terrain
  • US19054 Ride a motorbike on undulating terrain
  • US19055 Ride a motorbike with mounted equipment on flat terrain
  • US24555 Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a motorbike

4 Wheel Drives

  • US8638 Drive on snow or ice
  • US17676 Carry out a pre-drive vehicle check on a light motor vehicle and start and shut down the vehicle
  • US17976 Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light four wheel drive vehicle in an off-road environment
  • US17977 Develop a plan for off-road light 4WD driving
  • US18138 Fit and remove vehicle chains
  • US 20620 Develop and execute a plan for 4WD vehicle extraction
  • US20848 Demonstrate knowledge of skills for driving a light 4WD vehicle on-road

Health & Safety

  • US497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
  • US17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace
  • US23540 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, hazard control, and the consequences of injury in a rural workplace


  • US20798 Describe and use a Global Positioning System (GPS) for a specified agricultural activity
  • US19145 Describe hydration, nutrition and sleep in relation to physical wellbeing of agricultural workers


  • US21554 Demonstrate knowledge of safety with agrichemicals
  • US 21563 Demonstrate knowledge of HSNO Act, and NZS8409:2004 for the use of agrichemicals

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